Could you teach your children history if it were necessary?

Because it is Now Necessary!

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Abigail Adams was an incredible figure from the past. She will teach you and your loved ones how to become more resilient and independent. Click the button below to claim your free copy.

Our children are not being taught about important people from the past.

Educating our families about history is crucial to safeguarding the cherished rights, liberties, and freedoms we hold dear. Schools, social media, our communities, and even churches will not teach our children as effectively as we can. It is necessary that we take this responsibility upon ourselves.

How to teach your family about the past


Listen to or read the Books

Our short books teach principles like freedom, work ethic, and patriotism, inspiring readers to embrace these values in their own lives.


Watch the videos

Our videos focus on critical moments where historical figures exemplify the fundamental values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Strengthen Your Loved Ones

Through our engaging books and captivating videos, historical figures provide your family with knowledge that acts as a compass for life.

What is a lack of historical knowledge costing you?


As a parent, it is easy to forget how easily our children can be influenced. Whether it’s by bad friends, teachers, coaches, or schools, our children can quickly adopt harmful beliefs and behaviors. The bad news? Once a person starts thinking this way, it’s nearly impossible to pull them out of it. They begin to oppose you in every way and your relationship with them becomes more distant, and you wonder, "Where did I go wrong?"

You’re not alone. Many parents struggle with teaching their children principles and lessons using examples from the past. They don’t have time to research, read long books, and sift through the boring parts, leaving them in a state of "analysis paralysis". The good news is that we can teach our children correct principles now, so they won’t be easily influenced by extreme ideologies. 

Parenting is extremely hard, especially with all the negative influences infiltrating our lives through social media, and politics. If you do nothing, your children will likely adopt many of these harmful beliefs, leading them to a life that doesn’t align with the American values historical figures fought and died for.

Parents who learn about the past and understand the reasons why historical figures did what they did will gain a greater understanding of life. This knowledge will enable them to give their children the perspective needed to appreciate the importance of life and the pursuit of our freedoms.

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It is easier to build strong children, than fix broken men

Frederick Douglass

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Frequently Asked Questions

We focus on historical figures who lived before the year 1926 because there was no audio recording technology available during their time. Some of the figures we cover include George Washington, Sacagawea, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Mary--the Mother of Jesus, Anne Frank, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Abigail Adams, Frederick Douglass, Adam Smith, Michelangelo, and many others.