There was a moment as a parent when I realized that my children were not being taught correctly in schools. I thought to myself, "This can't be possible. How is it that my children are not learning about American and World history? How can this be?

This realization came when my first daughter was in kindergarten.

This is why I created our little company. Our books are for parents who feel they never learned important American and World history. Parents who want to teach their children about the importance of freedom, the Constitution, the Amendments, and many other principles that are life-changing to understand. I have realized that our knowledge acts as a life compass, guiding us to make either good or bad decisions.

As parents, it is up to us to take our children’s learning into our own hands.

Is it going to be difficult? Maybe! But we have an easy solution for you.

But it is necessary that we learn and teach our children about historical figures and the principles they fought and died for so that we don’t lose our freedoms and watch our country diminish.

If we teach our families about important lessons from the past, we will see our families and our country thrive and prosper.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We focus on historical figures who lived before the year 1926 because there was no audio recording technology available during their time. Some of the figures we cover include George Washington, Sacagawea, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Mary--the Mother of Jesus, Anne Frank, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Abigail Adams, Frederick Douglass, Adam Smith, Michelangelo, and many others.