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Is Your Family Frustrated with...

  • The decline of faith in God?
  • The family no longer being the fundamental unit of society?
  • Controversial views and policies being pushed on you and your children?
  • Threats to personal liberties and freedoms?
  • Social media and technology consuming your lives?
  • The lack of wholesome and safe entertainment for you and your loved ones?

If so, Awake Stories will help strengthen you and your loved ones.

Introducing Awake Stories

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Awake Stories is the go-to community for parents and families who are sick of the political division, public school curriculums, people turning away from God, and our freedoms slipping away. 

We let historical figures be your guides so that you can become the hero in your own life. They will teach you and your family the virtuous morals and principles that they fought and died for.

The lessons and stories within will help your family thrive, offering them the perspective to make better life decisions for a better future.

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How to get Started


Join Awake Stories

When you join, you get access to our growing library of historical figure courses, which include original videos, short books, unique artwork, our music soundtracks, study guides, podcasts, and our community of amazing parents and families.


Watch and Read With Your family

Our historical figure videos and books offer a straightforward plan for applying valuable life lessons.


Strengthen Your Loved Ones

As historical figures teach your family virtuous morals and principles, they will gain knowledge that acts as their compass, guiding them through life. 

Meet Your Guides:


🎓 Advocate for Women's Rights | Political Analyst | Writer


⚔️ Military Leader | Visionary | Symbol of Courage


🚂 Abolitionist | Underground Railroad Conductor | Humanitarian


🎩 16th President of the United States | Emancipator | Visionary Leader


🎖️ Founding Father | First President of the United States | Military Strategist


🔬 Scientist | Founding Father | Diplomat | Inventor

What is Disregarding The Past Costing You?

If you are concerned about the world's negative impact on your family and are unsure what to learn or teach your kids to prepare for it, you're not alone. There is a battle for your family's attention, and good, wholesome educational content is clearly losing this battle.


When it comes to discussing and teaching your family about faith, freedom, family, and other good morals and principles, it's a struggle. We personally understand this challenge. The good news? Your family has a significant opportunity to start winning the battle against the negative, addictive, and harmful influences prevalent in much of the content today. Our courses will teach you how to solve this problem. Your family will pay attention and they will be strengthened. When you teach your family about the past, they will gain wisdom and experience, understand consequences, develop critical thinking skills, avoid mistakes, experience personal growth, and much more.

Here's what you will learn when you get access to the courses:

  1. Learn the reasons behind why historical figures fought and died for the morals and principles they believed in, and understand how they brought about unbelievable change through their actions.
  2. Understanding the repercussions of neglecting the past and essential morals reveals the potential outcomes of loneliness, depression, and anxiety.
  3. Applying lessons from historical figures will help you make better decisions that lead to a better future.

We cannot wait any longer to teach our children the importance of: history, faith in God, and the value of the family unit; if we fail to do so, we will continue to witness a sad decline in our families and our country.

People that teach the significance of these essential principles enjoy a pbetter and happier life.

Get access to the Awake Stories membership today!

The Awake Stories Community Includes:


Short video played by an actor

Each month, we release an original short video that focuses on a historical figure's unique problem, how they tackled it, the steps they took to overcome it, and what might have happened if they hadn't succeeded. Plus, we see what advice these figures would give us today.


Inside the membership, you will have access to communities of people just like you! These communities are very similar to Facebook groups. We will have communities for specific historical figures, parents, and many more. 

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You also get access to our collection of original books on each historical figure. As an Awake Stories member, you have the option to download a copy or listen to the audio version. These concise books, each under 100 pages, delve into the intriguing details of each figure's life and accomplishments.

Video Study Guide

Inside each course, you'll find short videos about the historical figure's early life, the challenges they faced, and their accomplishments.


Original Art

We refuse to allow A.I. to create art for us. Instead, we collaborate with artists from around the world, each with unique talents and skill levels, to help us tell the stories of these remarkable figures from the past. Inside our memberships, we offer numerous free downloads and discounts on our art pieces. 


The Awake Stories Podcast focuses on the lives of historical figures and why their stories matter. In each episode, we look into the challenges they faced, including personal struggles and societal obstacles. We'll explore how they overcame adversity and impacted the world by examining their journeys from childhood to pivotal moments that led to their greatness.  


It's challenging to ignore the unsettling events happening around the world, especially when raising kids. I have a lot of respect for parents who choose to get married and bring children into this world right now. This is one of the main reasons why I formed Awake Stories – to assist today's parents in navigating life's challenges by educating them about people from the past. The significance of faith in God and the importance of remembering those who have paved the way for us is diminishing, and in exchange, we are facing a plethora of consequences. I hope to help your family experience the past to live a better future!

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Awake Stories


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Frequently Asked Questions

We focus on historical figures who lived before the year 1926 because there was no audio recording technology available during their time. Some of the figures we cover include George Washington, Sacagawea, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Mary--the Mother of Jesus, Anne Frank, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Abigail Adams, Frederick Douglass, Adam Smith, Michelangelo, and many others.

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