The Hand of God



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There are moments in our lives when we are sinking. Where grief has taken our faith away from us. Where doubts take our ability to hold ourselves above the water.

Faith dwindles and we fall into the water. The same way that Peter did when he was walking on the water to Jesus Christ. In Peter’s moment of doubt, Christ was there reaching to him. The hand of God is there for each of us.

The Hand of God painting is one of Yongsung Kim’s greatest works. This painting has inspired millions and we hope it bring’s goodness and light into your life and home.

Experience the inspiring “Hand of God” painting by Yongsung Kim. Witness Jesus’ hand reaching into the water to save Peter.

Yongsung Kim, based in Korea, dedicates his art to the themes of Jesus Christ and Christianity, aiming to illuminate a new generation with the light of Christ in a world overshadowed by violence and darkness. Departing from conventional portrayals, Kim emphasizes a bright, loving, and beautiful image of Jesus, often integrating scenes of nature to evoke a heartfelt response in viewers.


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